The Fendalton Four - An Update

You may remember in August 2016 uncovered documents showing that four Fendalton landowners were paid an average of $595,000 in December 2010 by EQC in settlement of their earthquake land claims.

This information was hidden by the Minister responsible due to 'optic risk'.

We have asked the Minister responsible for these large payments, the Hon Gerry Brownlee, to provide us with a copy of the calculations and reports completed by EQC and its consulting engineer Tonkin and Taylor, which were provided to him and lead to him to making these extra-ordinary payments to these four landowners, soon after the September 2010 earthquake.

Today that Minister provided with a single page memo from EQC to him dated "December 2010".

We reproduce it here in its entirety:

Minister Brownlee's response to EQCfix OIA request

Firstly it should be noted that although the Memo states "five properties" (Fendalton x4 and Kaiapoi x1], has confirmation that the Kaiapoi landowner was not paid - only the four Fendalton landowners.

The Minister refuses to release the EQC engineer's (Tonkin and Taylor) valuers reports on the four Fendalton properties.

While appreciates the right to privacy for the four Fendalton landowners who received their $595,000k payments, equally we feel it is important to have transparency on what information was reviewed by the Minister and the calculations/methods used by the Minister in coming up with the $595,000 average land repair costs that he paid. has requested from the Minister a copy of the four valuation and engineering reports (with the addresses and names removed for privacy reasons) and we hope that the Minister will release them in the public interest as soon as possible. will keep you updated.



Cam Preston