When You're Ready - We're Thinking About You - For All Property Owners Impacted November 2016

NOTE: This information is now available with other resources on a dedicated page here

Our support, understanding and sympathy goes out to everyone impacted from 14th November. We know what it feels like, we remember it like it was yesterday. One thing to remember, you are not alone.

Our community will do its best to help get you through the next few weeks (already people are rallying to get supplies and other important items to you) and we are more than willing to share the lessons we have learnt. We sincerely want to help you get through the claims process and more. We want your experience to be right first time.

A couple of quick things to help you access information when you are ready. If you are a Facebook user there are some really good Facebook Groups you can join. Below are just a few you may like to connect with. Don’t let their names put you off, they are some of the original groups people started up in Canterbury – some very knowledgeable folk. These are all closed groups, follow the links we have provided.

And of course Like our Facebook Page and add yourself to our contact list.

Some tips:

  • Take photographs of everything
  • Find photographs of what your house was like before if you can
  • Check your insurance policy – understand your reinstatement standard
  • Know your full rights under the EQC Act – read the Joint Settlement
  • Get professional, independent advice

As part of your assessment process you must:

  • Speak with a professional person that is not directly associated with an insurance company, this might be a lawyer or insurance adviser.
  • Have your roof cavities inspected – someone must go in the roof – vital!
  • Have your underfloor inspected – someone must go under the floor – if this is not done it is highly likely EQ damage won’t be correctly reinstated.
  • Get a Geotech involved if there are land issues - vital.
  • You may well need a structural engineer – vital.
  • Have professionally written instructions prepared and given to your experts, instructions that reference both the EQC Act and your insurance policy - vital
  • Get professional, independent advice

Things to watch out for:

  • Gib is a structural product – if is cracked or twisted it may well need to be FULLY replaced
  • There is a strong legal argument that rubble foundations cannot be repaired, rather to meet the standard in the EQC Act they need to be replaced.
  • Get a good lawyer and / or insurance adviser from the get go!

We are in this together and hope we can arrange a visit up your way soon, so we can share lessons directly from our community to yours.


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