EQC's Repair Standard Confusion - Part 1

Welcome to the EQCfix.NZ blog. We are going to start the blog by highlighting what many consider to be EQC's confusion over the reinstatement standard EQC applies to buildings that are covered by the Earthquake Commission Act 1993 (henceforth the EQC Act).

Firstly, we want to introduce Tonkin & Taylor.  Tonkin & Taylor project managed EQC repairs for many years prior to the Canterbury earthquakes.  For example, Tonkin & Taylor were in charge of managing home repairs for EQC after the 2003 Te Anau earthquake. Therefore, Tonkin & Taylor theoritically had up to date, current, and real life experience on repair costs prior to the Canterbury earthquakes.

Below is a quote from the very first report written for EQC by Tonkin & Taylor post the 4 September 2010 earthquake, alongside a link to the full report. The report is dated October 2010. 

The below statement from the Tonkin & Taylor's report where they state that they believe that "even seemingly minor repair costs, [would] very rapidly escalate beyond the EQC residential building cap of $100,000 plus GST" and that "Claimants...expect their homes to be...looking as good as they did on 3 September 2010. T&T experience has shown that...can be very difficult if not impossible, to achieve"

EQCfix.NZ, as are many industry professionals, are of the view that EQC assessed to the wrong standard and used under-qualified assessors, who appear to have been instructed to use a lesser reinstatement standard than that allowed for in the EQC Act.

Tonkin & Taylor - Stage 1 Report Page 12

Tonkin & Taylor - Stage 1 Report Page 12

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