EQC's Repair Standard Confusion - Part 2

EQCfix.nz recently obtained information that we believe shows that EQC were assessing and settling claims using the wrong standard from Day One.

In our  first blog post you were introduced to Tonkin & Taylor, and their thoughts on EQC's repair standard.

In this post we start off by examining a notice EQC published in the Christchurch Star on 19 November 2010.

Ian Simpson, CEO of the Earthquake Commission (endorsed with his signature and photo) stated: 

"The first permanent repairs of residential homes in Canterbury began yesterday. This is the beginning of the process whereby properties are methodically restored to their pre-earthquake condition"
ChCh Star - Page A6 - 19 November 2010

ChCh Star - Page A6 - 19 November 2010

Pre-earthquake condition was, and still is the wrong standard for EQC to work to.

Sadly it took until the 28th April 2016, when a group of homeowners took EQC to task on this, before EQC publicly confirmed, by way of a Joint Public Statement, that the standard demanded by its Act is actually "When New".

EQC eventually agreed, but puzzlingly maintained that it had always assessed to "When New":

"The Commission says that this has always been its position"
EQC Action Group & EQC Joint Statement signed 28 April 2016

EQC Action Group & EQC Joint Statement signed 28 April 2016

Since the Joint Statement, EQC has continued to maintain it always settled claims to 'When New' standard, and not any lesser standard.

EQC continued to stand firm in its position no matter how many homeowners stated over and over again that their homes were not assessed, repaired or cash settled to a 'When New' condition.

People have been left distraught, isolated, and financially out of pocket, but they need to feel confident in taking back their legal rights.

EQCfix.nz recently obtained this EQC 'CHRP [ChCh Home Repair Programme or EQR for short] Complex Solution Summary Report, dated 20 July 2016. It clearly shows that EQC had applied the wrong 'prior condition' or 'performance based' standard to this unfortunate homeowners scope of work, and did so for years.

Every single homeowner should take heart, that with the right pressure, and the right help, they can hold EQC to its full obligations:

CHRP Complex Solution Summary Report - 20 July 2016

CHRP Complex Solution Summary Report - 20 July 2016

These documents demonstrate systemic confusion from within EQC, from its CEO right down to its Assessors and Estimators, which resulted in claims being settled to the wrong standard from the very start, right back the first home in November 2010. 

That's 170,000 properties ago.

Even after EQC were caught red handed in April 2016, they continued to duck, cover and lie, but the truth is inescapable.

EQCfix.nz believe this is one of the greatest deceptions of our time - and a great injustice.

Homeowners: be aware that EQC can't rely on its previous reports.

Each and every homeowner MUST do their due diligence and not rely on EQC's representations


Cam Preston