EQC caught out, again

Republished from David Townshend’s Facebook post 5 may 2019

If you ever hear EQC trying to claim they did not create the DBH/MBIE Guidance, refer them to the attached scanned front page which shows the Engineering Advisory Group were referred to as "EQC Engineering Advisory Group" and the information they produced was confidential to the EQC.


At this stage in the EQCs technical response, the majority of the technical advice had already been incorporated into the document and the performance criteria for repairs had been set. 

Footnote: For a long time the EQC and MBIE both claimed this information was not available or couldn't be found in response to OIA requests... even when I informed them who would know where it was. Funnily enough it finally appeared in that persons email records... which were eventually provided after involving the Ombudsman!

Melanie Tobeck