Use the below text to help you write to IAG requesting an extension on Limitation if your claim is under-cap, still with the EQC, and is with one of the IAG brands (excludes AMI).


Sent by email to (ring IAG and check the email address they want you to use)

Dear Madam / Sir

  • Property address
  • EQC Claim numbers
  • IAG Policy number

I / We own (xxxxxxxxxxxxx) which was insured by IAG under the above Policy at the time of the Canterbury earthquakes. EQC has been managing our claims (numbers above). The current position is that I/We have:


  1. Asked EQC to reassess the EQ damage based on reports we have obtained from xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx showing that the EQ damage was not assessed or repaired properly
  2. Realised that the EQC repair under the CHRP was incomplete and defective as (examples of problems) and on xxxxxxxx we asked EQC to reassess our claims. We are waiting for EQC to do so.
  3. We consider that the extent of the un-repaired EQ damage will mean that our claims will be overcap and that IAG will need to handle them.

We understand from recent media coverage that IAG considers that, as from 1 July, it will be able to rely on a Limitation defence to stop any Court claims. We do not know if IAGs position is correct, but are very concerned that IAG has taken this position, when the delays in getting our claims resolved have been caused by EQC’s mishandling of our claims and are not our fault.

Without conceding that the Limitation Period will expire on 30 June, please extend the IAG deadline for 12 months, to give us an opportunity to resolve the claims with EQC and you.

Please respond within 48 hours.

Thank you.