Request EQC review

Template letter

Copy and use the following text for your own letter to EQC. Please note, Property Owners need to prove how EQC's earlier assessment / work is defective and that this letter alone is insufficient.  It is recommended you provide with your letter as much evidence as possible to show the deficiencies. If all you can do, at this stage, is provide photographs, then it is recommended you do so.

It is recommended that you to complete an EQC Official Information Act Request, asking for you full file, and for all photographs EQC have on file, before, during and post repair.

Template content provided, in collaboration, with Mr Peter Woods and Dr Duncan Webb.

If you have a pre-1970's home, repaired or cash settled by EQC, ensure you review the Resources page and Request a Review from EQC.


EQCfix.NZ is a community project. It is not funded. If you find any of the information provided useful and are in a position to make a small contribution to the very real costs we incur it would be appreciated. All legal contributors are providing their input on a pro-bono basis.

Begin letter with the property owners details:

Property Owners Name:
Property Owners Address:

Copy this Address:

PO Box 311
Wellington 6140

Sent by email to:

Copy this Introduction and add your Claim number(s) and address:

Dear Sir / Madam,

CLAIM NUMBER(S): [insert your claim(s) number]
ADDRESS: [insert your address] ("THE PROPERTY")

I believe that EQC's current scope of works and repair methodology for the Property does not meet EQC's obligations under the Earthquake Commission Act 1993 ("the Act"). In particular, I believe that EQC:

copy Only the points that apply to your claim:

1. has not reinstated the Property to substantially the same as (but not better or more extensive than) its condition "when new" in accordance with the Act.

2. in repairing the property, has not undertaken necessary work on an undamaged part of the property in order to reinstate the earthquake-damage.

3. has incorrectly relied on the MBIE guidelines in assessing the earthquake damage and/or determining the required relevelling of the floor.

4. calculated my cash payment based on a scope of works which relies on clause 9(1)(a) of Schedule 3 of the Act and not in accordance with the definition of replacement value in the Act, as defined in section 2(1) of the Act.

Copy this line if you have evidence to attach (recommended)

I attach the following evidence in support of this letter.

Copy the following:

I ask that EQC review this/these claim(s) and respond within 28 days of receipt of this letter.

Yours faithfully

Finish your letter with:

  • Property Owners Signature
  • Property Owners Name
  • Property Owners Mobile Number
  • Property Owners Email Address

And finally, if you would like to, you can CC us on your email to EQC. Just CC us at: