HomeS Built Before 1965


If you own a house built prior to 1965, have had repairs done to your foundation that involved the filling of cracks with epoxy resin or partial replacement, know that EQC’s or the insurer’s scope referred to the MBIE Guidelines or  if you are insured by IAG - you need to talk to your lawyer urgently if any of these apply to you, even if you are not ‘over‑cap’.

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Epoxy Resin Repairs to Damaged Foundations

EQC accepts that the required standard of repair to earthquake damage under the Earthquake Commission Act 1993 is to a ‘when new’ condition.  The repair of a damaged foundation must restore the original ‘when new’ structural performance.  Injecting epoxy resin into cracks in a damaged foundation is not a structural repair.  It does not restore the original ‘when new’ structural performance of a foundation.  The Christchurch City Council says that epoxy resin is nothing more than “a cosmetic filler”.


There are about 1,700 claims with EQC for defective assessment/repair.  Many of these (and others still to come in) relate to rubble foundations.  The vast majority will go ‘over-cap’ and be transferred to the insurer.  IAG may get up to 50% of these claims.  Most will not even get to IAG before 30 June.

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