Here is a draft for people who owned the house when EQ happened, insured with IAG (State and NZI possibly via a Bank or other institution) when EQ happened, overcap with EQC and not yet resolved with IAG.


Name of your Claims Manager
Sent by email to

Dear Madam / Sir

  • Property address
  • EQC Claim numbers
  • IAG Policy number
  • IAG Claim numbers

I / We own (xxxxxxxxxxxxx) which was insured by IAG under the above Policy at the time of the Canterbury earthquakes. IAG has been managing our claims (numbers above). The current position is that I/We have:

(Add a brief summary of current status of claims)

We understand from recent media coverage that IAG considers that, as from 1 July 2018, it will be able to rely on a Limitation defence to stop any Court claims. We do not know if IAGs position is correct, but are very concerned that IAG has taken this position, when the delays in getting our claims resolved have been caused by a combination of EQC’s delays and IAG’s management of our claims and are not our fault.

We will now seek legal advice about our claims from (RAS / our lawyer).  We expect that it will take at least a few weeks to get that advice.

Without conceding that the Limitation Period will expire on 30 June, please extend the IAG deadline for 2 months, to give us an opportunity to resolve the claims with you.

Please respond within 48 hours.

Thank you.