It’s time to demystify land claims

It’s our last meeting for 2017 and EQCfix will cover three critical topics and go into a little more detail on a fourth. 

  • Buying or selling? Understand assignment of claims.

  • Worried you’ve been underscoped / under assessed by EQC?

  • Was your claim discharged by Southern Response?

Monday 27th November 2017 — 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Transitional Cathedral, Christchurch

John Goddard (Associate at Morrison Kent Lawyers). After more than three years at Community Law in Christchurch, working with claimants using the Residential Advisory Service, John is returning to Christchurch to talk about land claims. He will explain how EQC has relied on its ILV policy instead of legislation, and will outline what you can do to receive your full entitlements for remediation of EQ damage. John was the Supervising Solicitor of the Residential Advisory Service (RAS) between 2014 and 2016.

Grant Shand (Partner at Grant Shand Lawyers). Grant will update you on the issue of Southern Response's approach to discharging claims up to mid-2015, and Southern Response’s possible breach of the Fair Trading Act and good faith obligations by concealing DRA’s that had professional fees, demolition and contingency on them. Some owners may be entitled to significantly more money as part of their settlement from Southern Response.

Peter Woods (Partner at Anthony Harper Lawyers). Peter will address the very topical issue of assignment of claims when buying and selling homes, the process to follow if you are concerned your home has been underscoped or incorrectly assessed by EQC, as well as what to do if you find repairs are now failing.


After the earthquake sequence in Canterbury, EQC had what it saw as expensive obligations to pay for land claims. It is our view that EQC sought a way, using insurance policies, to significantly reduce its obligation to Canterbury homeowners. and therefore its liability. However, EQC has an obligation to the EQC Act; the Act is the obligation, not policy. WE BELIEVE WE CAN SUCCESSFULLY CHALLENGE EQC If you want to hear what EQC has done, how experts believe your rights may have been undermined and we want to support you to ensure EQC is held fully accountable.


Any person who owns, or is thinking of buying property in Christchurch. Any person with a home or land impacted by the Kaikoura 2016 Quake. Any person who has bought a property that they thought was repaired by EQC but that repair is failing. Anyone who believes the land claim related to their property was not assessed correctly. Any person with a Southern Response claim settled before mid-2015.

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Tickets are FREE, however tickets are needed to be able to attend.  There will be time for questions and a number of homeowner focused lawyers will be in attendance.