Lessons from Christchurch

It has been eight years since the 4th September 2010 earthquake. Many insured homeowners are still struggling daily with homes that have not been assessed, scoped, or repaired correctly.  

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week THREE: Tuesday 18th SEptember 2018 - MORE THAN 5,000 HOUSEHOLDERS STILL STRUGGLE. this isNOT OK.

On the eighth anniversary of the start of the Canterbury earthquakes yet another anniversary protest was held. "A lot of people are going through hell, people are suffering. The issues in Christchurch are not sorted and some people are still deep in it," protest organiser Shona Strachan said. (31st August 2018, Stuff).

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  • EQC has already had to shell out $270 million on fixing botched repairs for under-cap cases. What will the total liability bill be for on-sold homes that have gone over cap? Pick a number. (28th August 2018, Stuff).

  • Minister Responsible for the Earthquake Commission Megan Woods said she was concerned about how big the re-repair figure could get. "The difficult part is we don't know what we don't know. We don't know how many re-repairs are yet to be identified." (5th April 2018, RNZ).

  • The problem is so big it has forced the chief executive of the Earthquake Commission (EQC) to publicly apologise to the hundreds of Christchurch homeowners affected. Those people have unknowingly bought earthquake damaged homes, but are now left in a "no man's land" where nobody will pay for repairs. (17th April 2018, Newshub).


week one: Tuesday 4th SEptember 2018 - Canterbury suicide numbers increase for fourth year

  • Coroner Sue Johnson's finding on the death of Phillip Cooke, 54, in January last year is believed to be the first suicide formally attributed to the September 2010 and February 2011 earthquakes, a Justice Ministry spokesman said. (5th June 2013, NZ Hearld)

  • Seventy-eight people died by suicide in Canterbury in the year to June, up from 61 in 2014-15. The region's previous high was 74 in 2009-10. (18th October 2016, Stuff)

  • New Zealand has vowed to never forget the 185 people who died on February 22, 2011 -- but what about those who took their own lives in the aftermath of the disaster? A special report by Mike Scott and Olivia Carville on the hidden toll of the earthquakes. (18th April 2016, NZ Hearld)

  • Canterbury District Commander Superintendent John Price says the year-on-year increase is "way, way out of kilter" with the national picture, Stuff reports. (16th July 2018, AM Show).