Government seeks your Earthquake Recovery Learnings

The government has called for submissions on learnings from the earthquakes. EQ Recovery Learning ( is seeking to fill the gap in knowledge, practical tools and capacity to recover from disasters.

We talk about the ‘benefit of hindsight’ but there is no actual benefit unless we learn from our experience
— EQ Recovery Learning

This website is part of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Learning and Legacy Programme, which has been set up to capture learning from the Canterbury earthquakes.

“The learning process can generate a wealth of practical materials. There's some great stuff out there that everyone would benefit from having access to. If you have it, we're hoping you'll take the time to share it with the world on this website” according to the website.

The sorts of things that would be useful are:

  • learning summaries

  • checklists

  • videos

  • training guides or workbooks.

For more details on how to submit your learnings, visit

The website does not appear to address EQC or insurance learnings, as yet.

Simon Darby