EQC inquiry will not be fault-finding, says head Dame Silvia Cartwright

The Press, 30 November 2018

Speaking at the Canterbury Earthquake Symposium in Christchurch on Friday, inquiry head dame Silvia Cartwright said she wanted "to hear from those with direct experience" of submitting claims and wanted to make sure the inquiry process would give those people confidence.

Cartwright said she and her team would plan how to run the inquiry over the next few weeks, and would be ready to move into the public phase by the end of January or early February.

The purpose is to understand and learn from the past ... it is not an exercise in finding fault or assigning blame.
— Dame Silvia Cartwright

The inquiry would not be adversarial, but she would have the power to seek information or evidence as necessary, she said.

She would not be "adjudicating or refereeing between parties" or addressing liability or illegality or resolution of individual claims.

"Instead I will undertake fact finding."

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Simon Darby