EQC's clauses muzzle criticism and complaints

The Press reports homeowners are being ordered not to publicly criticise or complain about the Earthquake Commission (EQC) in order to receive agreed payouts.

In a move described by prominent insurance lawyers as "bullying", "totally inappropriate" and perhaps not legally enforceable, EQC has included secrecy clauses in settlements made through the EQC Mediation Service.

To obtain their payout, homeowners must agree in a nine-page document to "not to make any public comment critical of EQC" or its staff or agents. They cannot complain to "any professional, governmental or other body about the conduct of EQC".

Read the full story here: https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/103496833/eqcs-gag-clauses-muzzle-criticism-and-complaints

Simon Darby