Christchurch house foundations estimated at more than $4.5b to repair

Botched earthquake repairs are just the "tip of the quakeberg" and ignoring major foundation damage could prove catastrophic for Christchurch and taxpayers, a leading academic says.

Dr Michael Naylor, a senior lecturer in finance and insurance at Massey University, said the poor repairs to most Christchurch homes with rubble-style foundations left them unsupported in future land movement.

Research by Christchurch foundations specialist Bevan Craig, of Underfoot Services, indicates up to 65 per cent of Christchurch homes had rubble-style foundations at the time of the quakes. Craig estimated 90 per cent of those should have been rebuilt, but were inadequately repaired instead.

It’s a huge issue. When you look at the numbers, it’s frightening
— Bevan Craig, of Underfoot Services

Simon Darby