EQC botched repairs bill passes $300 million

The Press, Sep 21 2018

The Earthquake Commission (EQC) has now spent more than $300 million fixing botched home repairs in Canterbury, a figure that is likely to eventually double.

New figures show EQC has spent $60m on re-repairing earthquake damaged homes in the past five months, taking the total so far to $315m.

So far, there have been 17,000 re-repair claims lodged, of which EQC has accepted 11,600. Of those, 1300 have exceeded EQC's $100,000 legal cap and been passed to private insurers. 

Insurance claimants advocate Ali Jones said while it was positive to see EQC publicly reporting numbers and she was "cautiously optimistic" of progress, she hoped claims were being settled fairly.

"I'm still hearing a lot of stories, and ours is one of them, where people aren't getting progress because those doing the assessments aren't budging from EQC's old, outdated and unacceptable repair strategies," she said.

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Simon Darby