Government-owned Southern Response facing multimillion-dollar legal action

The Press, Michael Hayward, Sep 28 2018

Grant Cameron, of GCA lawyers, allege Southern Response underpaid on settlements by providing them with a version of its detailed repair/rebuild analysis (DRA) for their home that missed out several costs. The abridged DRA was used as the basis for settlement.

The DRA Southern Response did not give customers listed extra costs for items including demolition, contingencies, and additional design costs – resulting in a higher overall rebuild cost.

Greater Christchurch Regeneration Minister Minister Megan Woods says she has taken advice on the case but it is too early to comment as it was a "live legal issue".

Cameron said the average difference between the abridged and full DRAs was an estimated $100,000, based on about 100 examples his office had seen.

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Simon Darby