Cracks hidden in the concrete foundations of 'thousands' of Christchurch homes

John McCrone, The Press, Oct 05 2019

It is the issue that will have to surface eventually. Why are people saying both slab and ring foundations were systematically under-scoped following the earthquakes? JOHN McCRONE investigates.

You want his guesstimate? Auckland concrete expert Bevan Craig reckons there could be still tens of thousands of houses in Greater Christchurch at risk of having unacknowledged earthquake damage to their foundations.

He says even now, nine years on from the Canterbury earthquakes, new cases like one he is inspecting today keep emerging.

I thought we had closed the lid on this can of worms?
— Dave Robson, MBIE's building performance manager
Many Christchurch home-owners are still in denial, not wanting to risk their property values by making waves about the systematic under-scoping of the city’s housing stock.
— Mel Bourke, EQC Fix

Simon Darby