Australian firm to fund homeowners' class action against Southern Response

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Big law firm backs Southern Response class action

From Nine To Noon, 9:08 am on 8 May 2019 

Major Australian law firm Maurice Blackburn has agreed to underwrite a class action law suit against Southern Response seeking redress for Canterbury earthquake claimants.

Christchurch lawyer Grant Cameron says "hidden costs" led to significant underpayments to about 3000 people.

Maurice Blackburn is a law firm which specialises in class actions, its principal lawyer Martin Hyde joins Kathryn, along with Grant Cameron, to talk about why they think they have a strong case.

The Press

Australian firm to fund homeowners' class action against Southern Response

Liz McDonald, The Press, May 06 2019

Homeowners taking Government insurer Southern Response to court have the backing of an Australian funder.

Lawyer Grant Cameron has signed a contract with Claims Funding Australia to provide litigation funding for his class action against Southern Response.

The lawsuit claims Southern Response underpaid homeowners on insurance settlements by providing abridged detailed repair/rebuild analysis reports (DRAs). The reports, omitting costs such as demolition, extra design work and contingencies, were used in place of more detailed reports available, the lawsuit alleges.

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TVNZ — One News

John Campbell exclusive: Major Australian law firm backing around 3000 Canterbury homeowners in class action against Southern Response

Australia’s leading class action law firm will today announce it’s going to fund what may be the biggest class action in New Zealand legal history.

It is alleging the Southern Response (SR) insurance company has underpaid the people of Canterbury by roughly $300 million.

What makes this of interest to everyone in New Zealand, is that SR is owned by the Government, and therefore by the taxpayer.

SR is the government-owned company responsible for settling claims by AMI policy holders for Canterbury earthquake damage which occurred before April 5 2012.

It hasn't been plain sailing since its formation, however, with protests taking place against protracted settlementscovert spying on claimants, and now a fully-funded class action allegeing around 3000 SR policy holders have been underpaid. 

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