Former head of Earthquake Commission says EQC caps should be increased to $400,000

Newshub, 10/06/2019, Sam Farrel

A former head of the Earthquake Commission says it's time to look at increasing EQC caps to 400-thousand dollars.

EQC aims to offer support to homeowners hit by earthquakes - but former boss, David Middleton, say the payouts are too low and need urgent review. 

Next month, that payout threshold will increase from 100-thousand to 150-thousand dollars - but Middleton says that's not enough.

"[The] EQC cap of 100-thousand, which was set in 1993 to achieve the purpose that was described for it then, which was to rebuild an ordinary New Zealand home - that needs to be 400-thousand now," Middleton told Newshub.

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Simon Darby