Concerns people still don’t know what earthquake damage their homes may have

EQ Claimants Reference Group: “Don’t Stick Your Head in The Sand Over Damage”

Concerns that people still don’t know what earthquake damage their homes may have, has been raised at a meeting today.

The EQC Claimants Reference Group, which meets monthly, discussed the issue today and Chair, Tom McBrearty, says there was significant concern that a number of homeowners may not be addressing cracked and broken elephant in the room.

“The earthquakes and aftershocks damaged almost every home in Christchurch. If people have a house that was assessed and there was very little or no damage identified, they should be asking themselves, “is it more likely than not, that my house is exceptional?” he says.
McBrearty says the CRG is advising homeowners to consider several things that may suggest a closer look by someone experienced in identifying earthquake damage, is needed.

“We all know of several people who know they have damage but can’t face raising it,” he says. “Then there are others who don’t know and in fact several homeowners have recently lifted carpet and found cracking in concrete floors which has led them to getting EQC back in for a closer look.”

The CRG recommends those who are unsure of what to do, to contact EQC in the first instance and to consider the Greater Christchurch Claims Resolution Service, to help them clarify their position.

Simon Darby