Southern Response engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct, High Court finds

"Misleading & deceptive" - that's how the High Court has described the behaviour of Southern Response - the state owned quake insurer.

In a ruling released today the court found Southern Response failed to act in a fair and transparent way and breached its duty of good faith in dealing with Christchurch couple Karl and Alison Dodds, whose quake damaged house was written off.

Lisa Owen asks their lawyer, Peter Woods about his reaction to the court's finding.

Michael Hayward, The Press, Aug 16 2019

Southern Response has been found to have behaved deceptively in a potentially precedent-setting High Court case that could cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. 

Justice David Gendall found the Crown-owned earthquake claims company engaged in misleading and deceptive conducts and misrepresented Karl and Alison Dodds' entitlements during a Christchurch earthquake claim for their damaged Huntsbury house.

The case is about Southern Response's policy of producing two differing detailed repair/rebuild assessments, or DRAs, which outlined the costs of rebuilding or repairing a customer's home.

Editing or redacting parts of such an important assessment document, and then suggesting it is the complete and only assessment of total rebuild cost as occurred here, is misleading and deceptive.
— Justice David Gendall
Simon Darby