EQC settles with on-sold test case under new Government policy

Michael Hayward, The Press, Aug 22 2019

An agreement has been reached for the Government's first "on-solds" ex gratia payment, saving the Earthquake Commission (EQC) from a trip to the courts.

The case was due to be heard in the High Court in a 15-day trial that would have started on Monday. It was a group action known as JS Gibling and others vs the Earthquake Commission.

A settlement has been reached with Jamie Gibling, the lead claimant in the case. It is the first settlement under the Government's policy to make ex gratia payments for repairs to "on-sold over-cap" homes, a scheme expected to cost taxpayers about $300 million. The payments are being managed by EQC and it is thought there are about 1000 on-sold over-cap homes.

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Simon Darby