Public submissions on EQC's performance critical of 'difficult' agency

Michael Hayward, The Press, Sep 30 2019

Feedback on the Earthquake Commission's (EQC) performance following the Canterbury earthquakes has cast the organisation as combative, stressful to deal with and not trusted. 

The public had a chance to comment as part of an inquiry into the Government's natural disaster insurer, being led by Dame Silvia Cartwright.

It received 972 written submissions, mostly from individuals, and heard feedback face-to-face at 18 public forums. 

We felt that we were bullied into accepting the repairs that were done. We were told that if we did not sign it off it was not a problem they would sign it off themselves
— Private submission

Cartwright released a brief summary of the feedback last week, to "give a flavour of what the inquiry has heard most often". A complete summary will be released in December. 

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Simon Darby