The Truth About the EQC eBook

By Philippa Coory

Think you've got home and land insurance? Think again!

In this new and timely book, Canterbury property owners share stories of abuse and corruption following New Zealand's 5th largest natural disaster, the 2010/2011 earthquakes.

I encourage you to read each and every property owner’s story in this book to decide for yourself if the remediation activities carried out by the Earthquake Commission (EQC) are acceptable, or if improvement of some kind to EQC’s system and processes may be beneficial.
— Philippa Coory, author

Senior Business Analyst, Philippa Coory, has collated stories about the unacceptable activities of the EQC, Fletcher EQR and their Contractors, from 75 Property Owners. 

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If you missed out on contributing to this book, we have good news! You will have an opportunity to submit your story for the 2nd and follow on Editions by emailing

The Insurance Aftershock: The Christchurch Fiasco Post-Earthquake 2010-2016

By Sarah-Alice Miles

In the aftermath of Christchurch's devastating seismic catastrophe of 2010/2012, the slow and confused recovery phase that followed led Miles to examine the insurance industry, locally and globally. This has revealed a clear pattern of corporate greed at the expense of citizens and has shown that the profit-driven model of private insurance can, and very often does, fail those who have paid-up policies based on 'good-faith' responses that are their due.

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