1. Template Letters

If you are in any doubt about the risk to your claim it is recommended you seek legal advice and not rely on the supplied templates, as they are a guide only.

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IMPORTANT: Limitation extension request templates

The following documents can be used to request extensions / confirmation on Limitation in regard to your claims. Bear in mind if in any doubt seek legal advice.

  • All insurers, for under cap claims onlyHERE
  • All insurers, except Southern Response and IAGHERE
  • IAG onlyHERE
  • Southern Response onlyHERE
  • EQC - Request Settlement date of claim template — Word / PDF.

* Recommended reading — Presentation by Peter Woods, Anthony Harper, on Limitation Period

Review of EQC's current scope of works and repair methodology

If you believe EQC have missed damaged, under scoped damage or workmanship is faulty use the below letter to request a review. We recommend that you consider treating a failed repair just like you would if you were starting the process of proving you loss, refer to our Claims Process page.

  • EQC Review Request — View template letter
  • EQC will send you some document, these are the links to the EQC Remedial  Guide:  FOLLOW and Remedial Form:  FOLLOW.

Earthquake Damaged Drains

We are of the view that if your drains were not inspected as part of the claims process this is an issue for consideration. EQC had provided a grace period which expired end of 2016, however, this is well worth presuing.

  • Letter to EQC re: Earthquake Damaged Drains — provided by Peter Woods, Anthony Harper  — Word / PDF 

*Recommended reading — Damaged Drains and Sewer Laterals


2. Reference Documents

The documents below have been provided to us and we felt they were worth sharing, where relevant they are referenced elsewhere on the site.

Cadastral REport

The proposed cadastral rules for greater Christchurch August 2016. Refer to the related Blog post as well. DOWNLOAD.

EQC COmplex repair solution report



The outcome of an Official Information Request regarding land payments paid between September 2010 and February 2011 that appear inconsistent with what was done for other similarly impacted owners: DOWNLOAD

The building performance update forum

The PowerPoint slides from the MBIE Update Forum for Engineers, PMO's and Insurers April 2016: DOWNLOAD

The Cash Settlement Booklet

This is the booklet that it appears EQC and private insurers did not want published: DOWNLOAD. And, the email trail / background to the Cash Settlement booklet sourced via an Official Information Act request: DOWNLOAD

THE EQC remedial claim guide and request forms

The link to the Remedial  Guide:  FOLLOW

The link to the Remedial Form:  FOLLOW

Joint settlement between EQC and the EQC Action Group

Joint Settlement issued April 2016: DOWNLOAD.

Insurance Liability Valuation Report (ILVR) as at June 2015

EQC commissioned Melville Jessup Weaver to carry out this report, which provides information with regard to EQC’s insurance liabilities and reinsurance recoveries for use in the financial reports as at 30 June 2015 and with regards to the development of EQC’s Canterbury earthquakes claim costs since 31 December 2014.  FOLLOW

Pre-70 Homes with Foundation issues

To understand the potential risks to owners of pre-1970’s homes repaired by EQC, owners need to know about rubble foundations. A rubble foundation is made from three main products; rubble, cement and plaster. When constructing pre-1970 Canterbury foundations builders used material like old bricks, quarry rocks, and stone. Placed inside boxing. This is rubble. This may effect an estimated 65% of Canterbury homes.

Download this fact sheet — PDF

Anthony Harper website dedicated to Pre-70 Homes with Rubble Foundations

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